First Reaction: Fanboys

We get a look at the geek-friendly comedy

As Fanboys prepares to roll out across the US, was treated to a screening of the controversial – and long-in-limbo Star Wars-centric comedy.

“Controversial, how?” We hear you ask. Try that it was shot in 2006, had the director removed by the Weinsteins, became the subject of re-editing and a full-on fanboycott, and is only now seeing cinemas.

Chief among concerns/complaints was the removal of the story's main driving force - the fact that the friends were trying to break into George Lucas' compound to see Episode I early because one among them was dying of cancer.

And how was it? Fun, for the most part - the cancer storyline has been re-instated and the movie feels richer for it. We won’t be offering up a full review until the movie makes it over here (straight to shiny disc or otherwise), but our first impression was of a likeable, if at times lightweight comedy.

Packed to the gills with Star Wars/Star Trek/comic-book references, it’s a trivia spotter’s delight squeezed into 90 minutes of buddy comedy.

Think 12A Kevin Smith-style work (yeah, he and Jason Mewes turn up, along with a host of other celebrity cameos, including two hilarious turns from a certain Judd Apatow regular we won’t spoil here) with enough spirit in the performances to keep it afloat.

Oh, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Kristen Bell dressed like this:

In summary, seek it out. US readers wanting to catch it will have to get themselves to one of the eight cities it’s playing in limited release, helpfully listed by IESB.

And we’ve another clip featuring – you guessed it – the adorable Ms Bell below.

Are you desperate to see Fanboys released theatrically here? Tell us - the campaign to get it onto our screens starts here.

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