First trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar online: watch now

Feeling starstruck...

The first trailer for Christopher Nolan's sci-fi epic Interstellar has landed online, giving us our first glimpse at Nolan's first post-Batman movie.

While plot details remain tightly under wraps (well, this is a Nolan film), Interstellar is said to revolve around time travel and wormholes, while also potentially chucking alternate dimensions into the mix.

Nolan has assembled a fantastic cast for the film, which is led by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, and co-stars Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Matt Damon and Casey Affleck.

Check out the trailer below:

Featuring McConaughey's moving voiceover discussing mankind's boundary-pushing achievements, over a montage of historical footage and snippets of the film, this is a surprisingly moving trailer. Is it going to be Christopher Nolan's 2001? Consider us very excited...

Interstellar opens in UK cinemas on 7 November 2014.

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    • Mattsimus

      Dec 14th 2013, 17:27

      Well it kinda feels like a teaser trailer for the sake of having a trailer, meaning they released one just to remind the masses that Interstellar is still out there being made and they dont want us to forget about it, instead of waiting to shoot something a bit better, which is great unfortunately it wasn't much of a teaser trailer, nor was it very interesting. Plus although i'm aware that Matthew Mconaugheys is a very versatile actor and I trust Nolans judgment on casting him, i've always found him a little annoying, the last thing I remembered loving him in was a time to kill and thought he did a great job next to cruise / stiller in tropic thunder apart from that for me the trailer was ZZZzzzzzzz.......... Sorry....... and my inbox is now ready for hate mail! : D

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    • Ali1748

      Dec 14th 2013, 19:27

      Yeah I am fine with a teaser like this, I mean the movie is a year away so there's no need to reveal too much info at this stage. Still it was slightly underwhelming.

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    • jukeboxjunkie

      Dec 15th 2013, 2:14

      Everyone's a critic.

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 15th 2013, 13:21

      I have hated teaser trailers since the year long. drip drip feed of hype from Prometheus. But I'm going to reserve judgement since I trust Nolan to serve up an above average spectacular. Mattsimus, I was also wary of McConaughey who seemed to do an endless run of rom-coms, then I saw his impressive turns in Lincoln Lawyer, Mud and Killer Joe and completely changed my view of him.

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    • bcdserra

      Dec 15th 2013, 14:01

      "My movie's about space travel so let's show the audience Matthew McGonorrhea driving through a cornfield !!" Tx a lot Nolan......

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    • christophercall

      Dec 15th 2013, 17:00

      I love any trailer than doesn't provide a synopsis of the films story from beginning to end. This is a good trailer.

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    • Mck123

      Dec 16th 2013, 11:47

      Slight feel of a M. Night Shyamalan movie coming from this trailer for some reason. I just hope it is a hell of a lot better than Mr M's recent output. I wont mention TDKR as the other post about the logo kicked off but hoping this is a return to TDK and The Prestige form for Nolan. Checked this out on the The Guardian first and strangely not much love for Nolan going on there...

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