First trailer for Edge Of Tomorrow blasts its way online: watch now

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt mean business

The first trailer for Tom Cruise's sci-fi action flick Edge Of Tomorrow has landed online, and it crams in just as much alien-infested action as you'd expect.

Set in the future, the film sees Cruise playing Bill Cage, a military man caught up in a time loop in which he attempts to bring down an alien race again and again.

He's backed up by our very own Emily Blunt, flexing her Looper action muscles for an even more physical role as a badass soldier. 

Check out the trailer below...

Edge Of Tomorrow opens in the UK on 30 May 2014.

Excited to see Cruise in another sci-fi? Tell us below...


    • Ali1748

      Dec 11th 2013, 18:23

      You had me at Emily all sweaty in that tank top giggity/Schwing. In all seriousness it reminds me too much of Source Code.

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    • illkillyoulast

      Dec 11th 2013, 20:23

      Ali1748, this is based on an excellent japanese novel which was probably written before source code was (although groundhog day and quantum leap preceded these!). In the book the main character is an army grunt in his early twenties, not sure cruise can pull that off. plus, why have a futuristic nattle suit with no helmet!?

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    • chibik

      Dec 12th 2013, 6:22

      The no-helmet thing seems a bit stupid, but otherwise it looks like an OK generic sci-fi action flick.

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    • thedanieljson

      Dec 12th 2013, 17:39

      oh man, this trailer has put it right to the top of my 'to watch' list for next year... As for the helmet thing, at first you see Tom Cruise wearing one, and all the other soldiers seem to be, so I guess they lose it or whatever.

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    • SiMan

      Dec 12th 2013, 18:27

      I think we have to accept that some things in film are not done for logic, but for cinematic purposes. Logically, they should be wearing a helmet, cinematically we want to see it's Cruise; Logically, an infiltrator Terminator unit would look like Robert Patrick; Cinematically the visual impact of having a massive Hulk of a man be chasing you is much more visceral. With regards to this film - trailer makes it look decent and I'm glad they changed the title

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    • ashlaglk698

      Dec 12th 2013, 20:07

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