First trailer for Les Misérables: watch now

Anne Hathaway gets her croon on

Les Misérables has released a first official trailer online, featuring Anne Hathaway’s Fantine singing arguably the musical’s most famous song, I Dreamed A Dream.

Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to listen to that song without hearing Susan Boyle’s cloyingly plaintive version in our heads, but still, Miss Hathaway does at least prove that she can carry a tune.

Elsewhere, there are plenty of shots of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne looking handsome, while Amanda Seyfried flutters her eyelashes like a champ.

Take a look at the new trailer, below...

It’s difficult to divine too much from a trailer with no dialogue, but in terms of sweeping spectacle and rousing musical numbers, Tom Hooper’s adaptation certainly seems to tick the relevant boxes.

Les Misérables
opens in the UK on 11 January 2013. Apologies in advance if you end up with SuBo stuck in your head for the rest of the day...

What do you make of the first trailer? Tell us, below...


    • kimsala

      May 30th 2012, 9:28

      If you're a fan, you can get SuBo out of your mind. She disappeared out of mind the next time I went to see the musical. I cannot wait............ It' looks gritty, and apart from that horrible Crowe guy playing Javert, it looks perfect.

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    • thedanieljson

      May 30th 2012, 9:59

      Thank god they're leaving the voice well alone, not auto-tuning it out of reality - hope it stays like that for the final cut. As for Crowe.. I think he suits the role, if there's one thing he CAN do, it's be gruff and commanding. And anyway, should make for a couple more hilarious review walk-outs when people ask him about his singing talent...

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    • spunkbag

      May 30th 2012, 12:49


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    • StevePotter

      May 30th 2012, 15:10

      FANTASTIC! And I could forget about Susan Boyle when my school performed this. I'm still not sold on Crowe either, I hope he adds more depth to the role (which should be easy, as it is film and not stage). Here's to hoping the next trailer includes The Confrontation.

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    • MormonMovieGuy

      May 30th 2012, 18:10

      Don't get the hate for Crowe; he's a terrific actor. This cast rocks, and Les Miz is a powerhouse musical with depth and poignancy. I'm in.

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    • StevePotter

      May 30th 2012, 20:33

      Singing concerns? I suppose it could be worse. We almost got Paul Bettany, who is a fine actor, but not at all a fit for Javert. I suppose we're pretty lucky.

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    • Dalekbuster523

      Jun 1st 2012, 15:27

      It's not 13th January 2013,it's 14th December 2012. Everywhere else says 14th December 2012.

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    • BradleyRobyn

      Jun 5th 2012, 23:43

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    • alexr

      Jun 6th 2012, 11:07

      I am really looking forward to this. If only because it might make my wife get off her pregnant a*s and go to the cinema with me for a change, instead of pretending she is interested in seeing these movies, and actually almost preventing me from seeing things like Avengers and Prometheus while I wait for her to get her act together. Seriously woman, if you say you're coming with me, come with me. If you are really not interested, f*****g SAY SO. I'll go with my brother then, or - God forbid - "ON MY OWN, PRETENDING HE'S BESIDE ME". Sorry about the rant. And the pun - it just crept up on me.

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      Aug 31st 2012, 19:59

      You think you know Les Miserables?!!! A. Trailer with no dialogue?!!!!! The WHOLE musical barely no dialogue and B. Les Miserables was on the scene WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before Susan Boyle.

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