First trailer for This Is Where I Leave You

Jason Bateman! Tina Fey! Darth Vader!


The first trailer for Shawn Levy’s starry ensemble comedy, This Is Where I Leave You has landed. 

Baby-monitor sex, awkward silences and a few uplifting ‘caught-in-the-sprinkler’ moments take centre stage in the first preview of Shawn Levy’s (Night At The Museum, Date Night) new comedy – the story of a dysfunctional family forced back together for a funeral. Starring pretty much everyone with a funny bone, it’s a crowded two minutes.
There’s Tina Fey punching Dax Sheppard…

Timothy Olyphant in a blonde wig and Jane Fonda in huge pair fake boobs…

Adam Driver trying not to look like a creepy Sith Lord…

And Jason Bateman being Jason Bateman – desperately, amiably, trying to make sense of it all.

This Is Where I Leave You opens this summer.

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