Fox cancels Independence Day 3D re-release

Studio pulls plug on the scheduled 2013 release

In the current cinematic climate, 3D conversions are now commonplace with the likes of Jurassic Park, Titanic and the Star Wars prequels all receiving the treatment. However, out of the blue, 20th Century Fox have pulled the plug on their 3D version of '90s box office smash, Roland Emmerich's Independence Day.

Considering the relatively low expense involved with converting films, as well as the success of 3D updated films already this year, (Titanic grossed an extra $343m for Paramount on its re-release) it marks a strange decision by Fox. Especially considering the fact that the original Independence Day made over $800m worldwide leaving it as the 34th highest-grossing film of all time.

Intended to hit screens on 3 July 2013, it would have been good fun to see Emmerich's daft, patriotic blockbuster back on our screens. Although its cancellation is a shame, the decision could suggest bigger repercussions for the future of the Independence Day franchise.

The long rumoured two-part sequel to the 1996 original, the tentatively titled ID Forever - Part I and ID Forever - Part II, could now be in jeopardy. With no official word from Fox on the 3D version or the sequels, there is little to do but speculate and rumour.

The Playlist cites potential clashes with Channing Tatum actioner White House Down and Smith-starring sci-fi After Earth as possible reasons for shelving ID3D.

Fox still have two major 3D releases set for 2013 as they finish their conversions of the Star Wars prequels with Attacks Of The Clones hitting UK screens on 4 October, and Revenge Of The Sith on 25 October.

So, are you upset at the loss of a 3D Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum chomping on cigars? Tell us below!


    • hawleygriffin

      Nov 21st 2012, 21:23

      the fat lady's sung at the right time , Dated movie which 3D cant improve

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    • Ali1748

      Nov 22nd 2012, 2:26

      I love the movie but yeah it has dated alot over the past couple years.

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    • trist808

      Nov 22nd 2012, 8:26

      This film will always be one of my guilty pleasures, it may have dated, but it's still great, silly B-Movie fun. I don't mind about the aborted 3D re-release not going ahead, but I'd like to see a follow up (or two). It was said back in 1996 in various interviews that the mother-ship seen at the end was only a scout ship or could possibly be part of an armada. If more of them show up I like the idea of us humans fighting back with their own technology this time. With all those crashed ships we must have salvaged something so this time we'd be able to fight with more than the odd F-15 and an Apple Mac ... maybe this time we take them out with an iPad though? lol

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