Fox developing Mrs. Doubtfire 2

Robin Williams will return in the title role

Fox is developing a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire, some 21 years after the first film scored a whopping $219 million at the US box office.

According to The Wrap, Elfscreenwriter David Berenbaum has penned a script, with Robin Williams set to return in the title role and Chris Columbus also on board to direct.

The studio had initially tried to kick-start a sequel back in 2001, although it took until 2006 for a completed script to emerge, at which point it was rejected by Williams.

Nothing more has happened on the project since then, but the wheels definitely seem to be turning now, with Williams set to don the house-dress and rollers once more.

No plot details have been confirmed as yet, but we'd imagine that there might be grandchildren involved somewhere in the mix. Flaming false breasts, ahoy!

Now the news official, why not peruse our feature on 5 Movie Plots for Mrs Doubtfire 2. Includes stupid things like the picture below.


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    • normamartin

      Apr 17th 2014, 15:15

      Robin Williams is one of the most consistent performers capable of duplicating scenes, performances and the like where even slight deviations from the original performance are accepted and received as just slightly newer versions and that is alright. He's older, as so the other actors but with Robin Williams in this film or video type media I believe that his ability to have and own center stage and not having to share it as he had in his last tv project will support a successful sequel. But it has to remain as close as possible to that edgy family type genre which made Mrs. Doubtfire such a box office and video success in the past. But somehow I think that with the changing times that we will see some of the bird cage genre seaping in even if not played by Robin. I hope that the addition of this does not negatively affect the sequel's success. Can't please everyone. So, when did or does production begin?

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 17th 2014, 16:03

      Is Robin Williams back on cocaine? a sequel for Mrs Doubtfire is way, way past its sell by date.

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