Fox snaps up Edgar Wright for Grasshopper Jungle adaptation

Director will bring YA saga to the big screen

Edgar Wright is busy filling up his slate in the wake of his Ant-Man departure, with Fox having recruited the director to helm their forthcoming young adult adventure, Grasshopper Jungle.

Adapted from the novel by Andrew Smith, the film will follow a classic coming of age story with a sci-fi twist, as its teenage hero finds himself battling the twin foes of adolescence and giant bugs.

Indeed, there’s more than a little mirroring between the protagonist’s raging hormones, and the MO of said bugs, who are driven purely by their desire to fight, eat and reproduce…

Described in Deadline’s report as “Stand By Me meets Attack The Block”, the property seems a good fit for Wright, whose next directorial project will be the recently announced Baby Driver.

Timings have yet to be confirmed on the new film, but it’s nice to see Wright’s schedule filling up again, after the disappointment of the Ant-Man situation. Onwards and upwards!

Does the film sound a good fit for Wright? Tell us, below!


    • Murphy0806

      Jul 28th 2014, 13:37

      Great book. I worry about the YA thing though. The book, even though centred around 2 teenagers is anything but YA. Extreme violence and course language (if i remember right). It would be a full on 18. Hope they don't water it down too much. I could maybe do without all the giant praying matis f*****g though.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 28th 2014, 20:26

      Sounds bonkers.

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