Fresh Inglourious Basterds footage is here

Another trailer for QT’s latest

A brand new trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s war movie Inglourious Basterds has arrived online, and if you’re in the Nazi-killing-watching business, you can see it below.

While some of the team have already seen and discussed the movie at Cannes, the rest of us have to wait until August 21 to see it.

This latest release once again focuses heavily on Brad Pitt and co, though we get a little bit more back-story on Shosanna Dreyfus’ (Melanie Laurent) involvement. To that end, we’d warn any one trying to stay spoiler free to skip the footage.

Everyone else? Go enjoy? Then let us know what you think.


    • ebyandsmartie

      Jun 23rd 2009, 9:55

      Well its not going to end too happy is it! Unless Tarantino plans to change history. What's the point of a trailer and plot based on the fact most 10 year olds can see this is not the way that history played out so it will end in some kind of big shoot out where all but one or two of the heroes live to tell the tale - Queue tack on ending of old fart telling the story to a bunch of teenagers who think he's off his rocker! The Dirty Dozen went there got the t-shirt and will always be a better movie.

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    • DanRose

      Jun 23rd 2009, 10:32

      Well its not going to end too happy is it! Unless Tarantino plans to change history. Er, you haven't read to much about this movie then! I for one can't wait to see Tarentino's war film. I'm certainly not going to watch it expecting to educated! ebyandsmartie. Lighten up!

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    • durden

      Jun 23rd 2009, 13:23

      hate it!i love tarantino and al but i'm sick and tired of american propaganda movies about how good they were with killing nazis.they pretty much weren't.and don't anybody give me that c**p about how they saved europe in ww2.those are first graders bedtime stories...

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    • StuntmanSam

      Jun 23rd 2009, 21:20

      Durden i enjoy the use of the word 'propaganda', clearly because you used that word no one could argue your point, you are obviously too intelligent. Oh wait, you forgot to mention how the majority of films are made purely to be seen and to make money, hence they are aimed at a demographic. This one seems to be aimed at Tarantino fans and action junkies, a considerably larger demographic than that of 'truthful' war movies. No one goes to a Tarantino film to see starving, under supplied soldiers dying in trenches. So before you jump at the opportunity to bash Americans think about what you are saying.

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    • Deckland

      Jun 23rd 2009, 22:34

      Have to say I'm not overly fused about this. Will probably watch it at home, rather than cinema. With regards to Americans altering history; it might not seem overly important to many people, but given the increasing dependance of younger people on media sources such as Wikipedia and holywood films, there is a real danger that the young believe everything they see unquestioningly. It's very rare that you see any holywood films about the bravery of Russian troops and the enourmous sacrafices they made during WW2. Next time you hear an American tell you that if it wasn't for them, we'd be speaking German, tell them to Eff-off and inform them we'd probably be speaking Russian. Total deaths for UK, USA and France C. 1.5M, Germany C. 7.2M, Soviet Union c. 23M. Lets have a holywood trilogy detailing the imense suffering, death and destruction in the USSR please!

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    • dalbrect

      Jun 24th 2009, 6:21

      Rewrite history? Nah, maybe in a dying fantasy. If this movie doesn't have hitler (yes, small caps mother-f'r) getting away from the officer mansion, I call bullsh*t. However, if he should run afoul the remaining characters in the bunker...i got no problem with that. I concur that it is too much like the Dirty Dozen which did the job just fine.

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    • justbrett

      Jun 24th 2009, 20:59

      This trailer looks great! A lot more insight in to how the actual film is going to be than the first one…I couldn’t be more excited. I think the so far polarizing reviews have come from the fact that its becoming 'cool' to hate on Tarantino films...every critic just wants him to be the indie film underdog, and now that he's big they all wanna tear him down. Personally, I think this has the chance to be his best film since Pulp Fiction. I also thought it was great that they used “Comin Home” by Murder By Death in the second half of this trailer. It has this modern punk Johnny Cash vibe to it that really sets the mood for some Spaghetti-western style violence…hope its featured in the actual film, too. Also, the extended version of this trailer can be seen at :

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    • duskraider31

      Jun 25th 2009, 15:32

      This movie is clearly fantasy. I am not watching it for a history lesson cuz we already know what happened. I am going to watch so i can be entertained by tarantinos storytelling. Its a fantasy war movie, take it as such.

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