Fresh New Moon TV clip arrives

Yet more wolf action

It must be Wolf Day in Movie News World, as, hot on the heels of the Wolfman clip, here's a fresh New Moon TV spot that features - yep - wolves.

This one has a little more action showing Jacob and his pack hunting some of the nastier vampires, but also the beginnings of a smack down between Edward and "Jake", as Bella prefers to call him here.

Oh, and Tyler Lautner has his shirt off again. Is the man cloth-phobic or something? Put some clothes on, lad!

Anyhoo, the clip is below. Prepare to gush or spew the usual venom about it...

To see the HD video, head over to

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    • pimpernel

      Oct 22nd 2009, 16:24

      werewolf still looks like a big squirrel.

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