Full 13 Assassins trailer released

Bound by the way of the samurai

13 assassins

The first full English-subtitled trailer for Takashi Miike’s epic 13 Assassins has debuted online.

An ambitious, sword-swishing period action film, it’s perhaps Miike’s biggest film to date.

Set at the end of Japan’s feudal era, 13 Assassins follows a group of unemployed samurai who all unite in order to bring down a tyrannous lord.

Up against ridiculous odds, but bound by duty, they lay down their lives in an attempt to right the wrongs the lord has visited upon his land.

Check out the trailer below...

13 Assassins opens on 6 May.

What do you think to Miike's new film? Excited? Drop us your thoughts below...


    • BruceShark

      Mar 28th 2011, 10:26

      Been looking forward to this and the trailer makes it look frigging awesome. I think my film of the year may be about to arrive. This will p**s on all those s****y hollywood 'Reboots' 'Remakes' & 'Sequels".

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    • Frankie88

      Mar 28th 2011, 15:36

      Wow that looks amazing, since watching 3:10 to Yuma I was dying for this kind of film that will do for samurai movies what 3:10 did for westerns. I hope it'll screen in UK - this has to be seen in cinema.

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    • mollygenevieve

      Apr 1st 2011, 17:57

      I managed to catch this at the BFI festival last year and it was absolutely incredible. Please go and see it if you can. It's a hugely entertaining, unsettling and haunting epic that deserves to be seen on the big screen.

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