Full Conan The Barbarian trailer brawls online

“Behold, in despair, your new master!”


The first full-length trailer for Conan The Barbarian has swept online.

And despite some impressive scope-boosting visuals, there are distinct echoes of The Scorpion King to be found in its beefy hero fighting silly-looking foes in sandy landscapes.

Jason Momoa plays the titular Conan, tagging the role from Arnold Schwarzenegger. He sets out on a vengeance mission when his father and tribe is killed.

On his way, he meets the warlord responsible for all the destruction.

Check out the trailer below...

Highlights? Rose McGowan is near unrecognisable as a deathly-pale witch with impressive sand-conjuring powers, while Stephen Lang’s looking bad-ass as a scarred, Middle Eastern warlord.

The mix of old school set-building and in-camera atmosphere with CGI creatures should also be pretty effective.0

For now, though, Conan’s looking more cheesy fun in a ‘we know it’s awful but we love it anyway’ way, rather than something genuinely entertaining.

Conan The Barbarian opens in 3D on 26 August.

Barbaric? Or brilliant? What do you make of all the new Conan footage? Talk to us below...


    • ChrisWootton

      May 5th 2011, 9:32

      So, what's it about then?

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    • BruceShark

      May 5th 2011, 10:16

      Arnie's Conan would f**k them all up.

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    • ScottFree

      May 5th 2011, 10:59

      oh dear.....

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    • shero

      May 5th 2011, 11:00

      The trailer is not that good .. because I am sure they chose the best they have in the movie and there are nothing ells left to be seen for sure .. just to make the hype and I think they did a good job to make people fooled by it .. ---------------- The CGI is not good ... and the prove for it .. watch 0:30 - 0:33 where they pull the big ship ... not realistic in any way .. ( They even couldn't make a good lightning for the 3D ship ).. And for the human dust .. you can see they are becoming real human being with make up over them ... that mean again they are not good in continuing with the CGI dust ... and all the other mattepainting are again not realistic as movies we watched almost 10 years ago ... ( Lord of the Rings as an example ) .. The tentacles are not original and we saw stuff like this before too and they looked much better ... And all these take me to the next point : ---------------- Non of what I saw in the trailer is original .. and it is the main problem when some one is making a movie in a low budget in Bulgaria with Bulgarian crew ... I heard once : Movies are all been made and there are nothing left to be original ! ... I am kind a agree ! .. but the point is how you use the same old (seen before) elements : Scenes .. Story .. CGI ..etc and show it in a new way ... it is not about being old .. it is about the way you show it to the audience .. And this trailer and latter the movie it self is a big duplication and ripoff from other movies but not in a good way ... but in a wrong lame way ... things we saw years ago you will see it again in a worst look ... ;-) (Example : did you see the lame jump of Conan with his sword 01:06 .. Ok I remember seeing that been done by Brad Pitt in Troy 2004 and it was much better ) .. "The stunt coordinator in Conan The Barbarian was a stuntman in the movie Troy and he is stealing the stuff from there and suing it now here in the wrong way " ;-) ---------------- I know movie making is an industry and business .. But I believe good movie must be an art too ... making good art to win good money ... But in the case of such movies that been made in the the poorest place in Europe "Bulgaria" using the cheapest human beings in Europe "Bulgarians" * .. Is big prove that it is all about making money and not showing a good art .. and as I said before there is nothing to be seen in 3D in this movie ... and the only reason it is in 3D is to take more money from you ... ---------------- In the end I just hope you take my critiques as an advice for you .. everyone have the right to spend their money in what they like ... But remember by doing that you are helping companies like Millennium Films "Who finally changed their logo" ;-) and Nu Image Films "Who they were ashamed to show their lame logo" to continue making movies just for money .. Not Art .

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    • ChrisWootton

      May 5th 2011, 11:36

      Shero, sounds like you'd call it.. Conan the Bulgarian... see what I did there?

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    • endaoconnor

      May 5th 2011, 12:19

      Can't be any worse than the 'Clash of the titans' remake.

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    • Dieter117

      May 5th 2011, 12:33

      I agree with the other posts: doesn't look promising. $100 million spent in Bulgaria by a 3d rate slasher-film director,bad cgi, recycled stunts--and a look & feel that will appeal to a very limited audience. No the best way to make a profit on your investment. Plus, this summer is going to be very, very competitive with "Cowboys & Aliens" and "Green Lantern" and other films from more popular directors/stars. The best way to sell "Conan" will be to play up the sexy-females. But Rose McGowan looks horrible in her Witchy make-up, though (from what little can be seen) Rachel Nichols looks fine. And this new Trailer hints at a never-before Nichols nude scene. I'd buy a ticket for that.

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    • shero

      May 5th 2011, 13:07

      ChrisWootton ... Nice title ;-)

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    • TheEnigma

      May 5th 2011, 13:53

      Not 2 ride against tha band-wagon, but i think this will be an entertaining lil romp... nuthin' more, nuthin' less... a movie like this doesn't really deserve tha hate bein' directed at it, az i would assume they weren't really thinkin' Cannes/ Oscars when they made it, right...!?!?!

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    • Ali1748

      May 5th 2011, 18:06

      Looks like good fun to me.

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    • Porkchopexpress

      May 5th 2011, 18:41

      Agh that looks dreadful a 300 style special effects, Gerard Butler style gurning with Stephen Sommers quality control on the CGI. It's a shame because I try and keep an open mind on such things, but the original 'Conan' remains one of my favourite films of all time, from the operatic opening fifteen minutes to Arnold's monosyllabic performance, which actually works to define the character as a far more mysterious entity than is indicated in this trailer. Plus the original Basil Poldouris score is one of the greatest film scores of modern day cinema. All that snarling, emo rock metal and heavy eye make up coupled with shonky effects don't bode well for me I'm sad to say, plus as stacked as that Momoa guy is, he's far too verbose and his home made Klingon frown seems to be his only serious face. Someone's been to the 'Mark Whalberg school of Emoting'

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