Full Puss In Boots trailer online

“She is a bad kitty”

puss in boots

The full-length trailer for Shrek spin-off Puss In Boots has been unveiled online.

Set long before Puss ever met Shrek, the film sends the loveable moggy off on his own fantastical quest, as gun-wielding bad guys, uh, hatch a plan to do with golden eggs.

Fun details like Puss getting distracted by a shiny light and lapping up a glass of milk keep the observational humour coming, while the animation looks pretty top notch.

We’re also given our first look at Humpty Dumpty (he basically looks just as you’d expect), while Salma Hayek’s furry love interest makes her sultry debut.

Check out the trailer below…

Puss In Boots opens 9 December 2011.

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    • Peachy556

      Jun 21st 2011, 11:35

      Haha, that looks sick. Antonio Banderas is so underrated

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    • ScottFree

      Jun 21st 2011, 16:37

      looks like Zorro....with a cat.....that's awesome!

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    • Porkchopexpress

      Jun 22nd 2011, 16:40

      Haha, glorious! I think I watched 'Shrek' once, ages ago and I'm completely unfamiliar with and by equal turns amazed by this trailer! Like Scott says, Zorro with cats! Genius.

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