Full trailer arrives for Cosmopolis: watch now

"I want a haircut…"

Cosmopolis has released a first full trailer on the same day it was announced as part of the Cannes film festival, and if anything, it's even barmier than we'd expected.

Robert Pattinson stars as Eric Packer, a young billionaire who discovers he's lost his entire fortune whilst on a limo journey across New York.

Finding himself pursued by people who want him dead, Eric begins to cast off the inhibitions of his sheltered, privileged life and embarks upon a journey into darkness, and possibly madness.

Check out the new trailer below…

Seems like David Cronenberg is back to doing what he does best - creating sublimely weird nightmares and slipping them into the arena of mainstream cinema. It also looks like a peach of a role for Pattinson, who's set to shake off his tween pin-up credentials as the film's increasingly deranged protagonist.

Adapted from the novel by Don DeLillo and featuring support from the likes of Paul Giamatti, Juliette Binoche, Samantha Morton and Jay Baruchel, Cosmopolis opens in the UK later in the year, with a release date yet to be confirmed. Prepare to be supremely weirded out...

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    • ChrisWootton

      Apr 19th 2012, 13:19

      Awesome, totally old school Cronenberg.. really looking forward to this one

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    • joker16

      Apr 19th 2012, 15:17

      I liked the teaser better but this is definitely one of the my most anticipated.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Apr 19th 2012, 17:27

      Really? Doesn't explain anything in the trailer, it's only the blurb from TF that tells you what it's about. Anyway, looks great

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    • Mings

      Apr 19th 2012, 21:55

      Sure looks interesting, though having read a synopsis of the novel I don't think that the trailer even hints at half the surreal delights and existential nightmares that may be on offer. Using the same synopsis for comparison, I can't think of another director that would suit a project like this in the same way Cronenberg does. David Fincher at a push, but that's about it. I'd be interested to know what you disliked about Eastern Promises, King of Cinema. I watched it for the first time a few weeks ago, as it was one of those movies I just hadn't got around to seeing. I though it was great, certainly better than eXistenZ in my view, but then what would I know?

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    • writerdave87

      Apr 20th 2012, 0:16

      I think the answer you're looking for is 'not much'.

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    • Mings

      Apr 20th 2012, 0:39

      I think you may have misunderstood me there, King of Cinema. I wasn't comparing the directors in terms of quality, rather I was comparing them in terms of suitability for this particular film. David Fincher has more than capably displayed that he is adept at showing us examples of the failing human condition in films such as Fight Club, The Game and even Seven. He can also demonstrate the visual flair required by this kind of surrealist tale in basically everything he's ever done, whether you happened to enjoy the film or otherwise. Also, I would take issue with the assumption that A Dangerous Method does not deal with body horror concepts, given that it certainly deals with the effect that fixation on the body can have on the mind. Similar in that respect to Crash, I guess: the horror lies not in the fact that a guy would have sex with an open wound, rather that such activity would turn anyone on at all, the lengths that they would go to in order to satisfy that aspect of there nature and fact that such is desire is not confined to any one person or one gender.

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    • Peachy556

      Apr 20th 2012, 11:09

      I think this is shaping up to be a great film, certainly a great performance piece for Pattinson. I saw Cronenbergs The Fly recently and loved it, can anyone reccomend other Cronenberg films of that era that are worth watching ?

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 20th 2012, 18:20

      Yes !

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    • Mings

      Apr 20th 2012, 20:44

      Hi Peachy. Watching Cronenberg is a bit like drinking, in my opinion. You might love it or hate it, but eventually, and depending on circumstances, it will it have an effect. The whole 'Body Horror' title is simply a term created by a critic with too much to do, dating back to the early twentieth century. Cronenberg is about so much more. Cronenberg offers up films like the Fly: is it a body horror gorefest, or is it a s love story about obsession gone too far?Every Cronenberg film involves the difference between the normal/abnormal, whether that be between twins or generations or whatever it may be. Watch them all, because I feel that, if nothing else, they never fail to inform about something. What that something is will always be up to you.

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    • willow138

      Apr 23rd 2012, 2:49

      this looks ace. i hope it will show the haters that R Patz can do more than sparkle

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