Full trailer for Star Wars Rebels: watch now

New footage from the animated series

Star Wars Rebels has released a full trailer, rather fittingly on May the 4th - the unofficial Star Wars day (‘May the 4th be with you!’, geddit?)

Set between the events of movies Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope, the animated series has plenty of gaps fill. The 60-second trailer manages to cram in a fair bit of action, and (briefly) introduces some of the new characters.

With the unmistakeable theme music, lightsaber sound effects and familiar ships and Stormtroopers, it looks set to be a veritable nostalgia-fest for SW fans. There’s also a character with a very Boba Fett-esque helmet to look out for…

Watch the full Star Wars Rebels trailer below:

While this might not have been the biggest Star Wars news this week, it’ll act as a nice appetiser for hungry fans.

Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD in autumn 2014.

If you’re in the mood for more Star Wars, check out our video series in which Hollywood A-listers talk Episode VII:

Think the force will be strong with this one? Drop your comments below…

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