Funny X-Men: First Class deleted scene released

Michael Fassbender is Dragneto

Entertainment Weekly has released a deleted scene from X-Men: First Class that proves there was definitely something to the countless intimate moments between Charles and Erik.

The clip, which will be released on the upcoming First Class DVD, takes place during the duo’s mutant recruitment montage, after they enter a gentlemen’s club to discuss teaming up with the insect-winged Angel.

In the film, Magneto reveals himself (as a mutant, not in the law-breaking sense) to Angel by making a champagne bucket float and camply asking a smug Xavier if he would “like more tea Vicar?”

The deleted scene extends on that to show James McAvoy’s Charles use his Jedi mind tricks to make The Fass appear to be in a red wig, sequined blue dress, fishnet tights and boots. He’s honestly never looked sexier.

It’s almost criminal Matthew Vaughn decided to take this moment of genius out of the final cut. But perhaps the idea that Professor X openly thought of Magneto in women’s clothing was a bit much.

You can see the clip for yourself by clicking the image below:

The X-Men: First Class DVD and Blu-Ray will be available in the UK on 31 October 2011.

Should Dragneto have been left in the film, or should Charles be keeping those kinds of thoughts private? Inform us of your opinions on this pressing matter...


    • KingofSpain

      Aug 25th 2011, 17:58

      Crappy scene, crappy movie. Pity outlets such as TF can still be bought over by the big studios. First Class was the messiest and self-aware movie I've seen in a long time. It was so smug I almost wretched watching it.

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    • sapphireraine

      Aug 26th 2011, 10:59

      I don't think anything could have improved this movie, not all the deleted scenes in the world. I rather think the whole thing should have been a deleted scene.

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