Gary Oldman on The Dark Knight Rises' "great story"

Commissioner Gordon opens up

Gary Oldman has hinted at the epic scope of The Dark Knight Rises in an interview with MTV.

The actor said that he hasn't read the script, but he does know the story: "and it's great. It's a great, great story."

"You look at The Dark Knight and you think, y'know, 'How's he [Christopher Nolan] going to top it?' But I think he has."

When asked if he was was referring to the scope and 'finality' of the third part of Nolan's saga, Oldman responded: "The scope of it and also the way he brings it back to Batman Begins, and really what Bruce Wayne discovers about himself, what he learns about himself at the end of this one."

On Commissioner Jim Gordon's role in the movie, he offered: "I hear that it's a good role, but... I'll have to wait and see, won't I?"

Oldman also joked that he would be getting "married" to Tom Hardy ("2011 is the year of Gary and Tom"), as Rises will mark their third collaboration, following Tinker, Sailor, Soldier, Spy and The Wettest County in the World.

The Dark Knight Rises will start shooting in May, and it's set to open on 20 July 2012.

Will Nolan top The Dark Knight with his threequel? Your opinions please!


    • nacho316

      Mar 9th 2011, 17:30

      Awesome anything Oldman says is gospel an absolutely FANTASTIC ACTOR one of Britain's finest ;)

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 9th 2011, 20:14

      So does this confirm the league of shadows is returning ??

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Mar 9th 2011, 20:27

      Seems so. If Nolan's bringing it all back to Batman Begins that's a pretty heavy hint they will return.

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    • pgamble84

      Mar 11th 2011, 13:50

      Imagine the Hardy/Oldman children. Thats one gay couple I would love to adopt me. (a place to talk about film)

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