George Romero to adapt novel The Zombie Autopsies

Romero returns to the living dead

King of the zombies George Romero is currently writing an adaptation of a 2011 book The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse written by Steven C.Schlozman.

Schlozman’s novel shows that there’s still life left in the overworked zombie genre, and we're pretty sure he's happier than a dead-head with a mouthful of brains that Romero's adapting it. 

The novel is about  a group of scientists perform autopsies on zombies after a zombie apocalypse, making startling discoveries. 

Romero said “I've written and made films about zombies for over forty years. In all that time, I've never been able to convince my audience that zombies actually exist.”

“On page one of The Zombie Autopsies, Steven Schlozman takes away any doubt. This fast-moving, entertaining work will have you chuckling...and worrying."

Romero has fallen in love with novel, dubbing it “Tense, graphic, accurate and shocking.”

At the moment, we're not sure if the inventor of the modern zombie movie will slot this adaption into his established undead franchise - Autopsy Of The Dead, anyone? - but one thing's for sure, we're ridiculously happy that he's returning to the genre he invented. 



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    • murphy

      Oct 21st 2011, 13:45

      Superb! sounds like this could be Romero's return to form after his last couple of films which were a bit disappointing.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Oct 21st 2011, 14:09

      Agreed. Although I thought that Survival of the Dead was pretty enjoyable. He proved that he is still the only guy who can despatch a zombie in an imaginative way

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    • Jeffbiscuits

      Oct 21st 2011, 15:10

      I didn't know he'd turned down an invite to direct a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead. He decided on this instead.

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    • ohdannyboy11304

      Oct 21st 2011, 15:42

      I haven't seen too many films that are worse than Diary of the Dead. A return to form it has to be.

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    • Desperation

      Oct 21st 2011, 16:59

      Diary of the Dead was weak and Survival of the Dead was the worst zombie film i've ever seen (and that includes the Day of the Dead 'remake' with Mena Suvari). I have to say i'm not overly excited about Romero returning to zombies. The man's clearly lost his touch.

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    • dregstudios

      Oct 21st 2011, 23:55

      It’ll be neat to see where Romero goes with the genre now being its inventor… if you love zombies as much as I do, check out the Top 10 Zombie Movies of all time at and let us know which your favorites are!

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    • Ghoulfriend

      Oct 23rd 2011, 9:13

      Great news. But Autopsy Of The Dead has already been made. It's a great documentary on Romero's first film Night Of The Living Dead.

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