German TV ad offers new Tintin footage

Updated full trailer on the way?

A new advert for The Adventures Of Tintin has appeared on German television and the brief promo has managed to squeeze in some new footage. 
Does that mean a new new full-length trailer will arrive soon?  
Don't worry too much about brushing up on your German for the video below as this visual treat can be enjoyed by even the laziest student of modern languages. 
The Adventures Of Tintin opens on 26 October in the UK.

Are you confident that this CGI film can pull off its Indiana Jones-style antics now there's more footage to judge? Or would you be happier if they gone down the live action route? Tell us below!


    • MorganRoss

      Sep 27th 2011, 20:04

      The faces are looking a hell of a lot more realistic now; really starting to look forward to this!

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    • anant

      Sep 28th 2011, 5:34

      this looks epic, another crown for Mr Spielberg after E.T, Jurassic park, Jaws and so many more!!

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