Get a look at The A-Team's movie van

And Patrick Wilson is joining the cast…

Looks like they're sticking with a largely traditional look for the A-Team' van for the film.

At least, that's the impression you'd get from the paparazzi shot of the production's vehicle seen in British Columbia and dug up by Comingsoon.

And while it's possible they'll segue to some tricked-out war machine bristling with laser beams and a stealth option, we're pleased to see that the classic red-striped GMC vehicle is largely intact. Mr T would surely approve.

The van's not the only chunk of news about  the film - buried in an Entertainment Weekly note is word that Patrick Wilson has also signed on, to play a CIA operative.

[Source: Comingsoon]

Pleased to see the proper van in place? Give us your jibber jabber!


    • dgoodswen

      Sep 21st 2009, 11:48

      It won't last. It'll be blown up at some point, and they'll have to replace it with the 'Brand New 2011 GMC Truck', cos, you know, GMC wanna sell some trucks.

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    • anonymaton

      Sep 24th 2009, 6:41

      Nope I am certain that they will be destroying it at least once, but there are in fact THREE exact replicas on the set. Each completely awesome.

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    • iceman2010

      Oct 28th 2009, 15:43

      loving the van i must say...i cant wiat for the Action Figures! having said that the original figures now will go up even more in price!

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