Get a look at The Road

The first clear pic of the post-apocalyptic drama

There haven’t been that many reports of the Cormac McCarthy adaptation that John Hillcoat has been shooting, but now, USA Today has the first look at Viggo Mortensen and co-star Kodi Smit-McPhee in the movie.

It’s a charming tale of a father and son trying to survive in a ravaged world where death lurks at every turn. And Hillcoat has apparently found the devastation he needs in post Hurricane New Orleans and Pittsburgh. “It's tangible, the misery and hopelessness and the bleakness," Mortensen tells the paper. "It gives you much more to work with if you're filming in that world instead of a green screen.”

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    • rorschach

      Dec 14th 2008, 13:43

      "charming" isnt a word id use to describe this story. It is a fantastic book though. Hope the movie meets its release schedual.

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