Get in deep with Mafia Cop

Mandalay nab rights to jailed cop’s book

Don’t ever get caught napping in Hollywood, you want something, you go and get it.

Last week, NYPD detective Louis Eppolito and his badged-up buddy Steven Caracappa were sent down for their part in eight murders, a couple of attempted murders, a conspiracy to commit murder, laundering cash, obstruction of justice and distributing drugs. This week, their story is already being made into a movie.

Eppolito is apparently the 11th most decorated detective the NYPD has ever had and during his stint inside, he’s been using his free time to scribble Mafia Cop: The Story Of An Honest Cop Whose Family Was The Mob - which Mandalay pictures have acquired.

The screenplay will be penned by The Hurriance scriber Don Gordon, who was present during the three-week trial.

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