Get tickets for an amazing Watchmen event!

Find out how inside…

Paramount Pictures and Future Cinema have teamed up to put on an exclusive Watchmen event.

It’ll be your first chance to see this year’s most anticipated comic-book flick. But wait, there’s more.

The Future Cinema team of performers, installation artists and set designers will create a truly interactive experience – allowing fanboys to step into the world of the Watchmen.

The event also boasts a very exciting surprise performance from one of the UK’s hottest bands.

It’s currently totally sold-out, but can exclusively reveal that more tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday) at exactly five minutes to midnight (nice touch).

For more info, head to the official site.

Will you stay up to buy tickets? Tell us below!


    • NiteOwl

      Feb 25th 2009, 17:58

      UPDATE - please note tickets aren't going on sale on Wednesday so don't stay up late! More news to follow....

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