Gossip from Iron Man 2!

Find out why Terrence Howard was sacked...

Terrence Howard was apparently replaced by Don Cheadle on super-sequel Iron Man 2 because director John Favreau didn’t think his performance hit the mark.

According to a story by Entertainment Weekly, Howard was in fact the highest paid cast member on Iron Man, scoring an even bigger paycheque than star Robert Downey Jr.

But when Marvel heard that Favreau and co-writer Justin Theroux were cutting down the role of Howard’s character Rhodey – and his expected battle-bot War Machine – for the sequel, they demanded Howard take a 50% pay cut.

No thanks, said Howard. Enter the much-more-affordable and still-very-excellent Don Cheadle.

The good news for us? Favreau is now redeveloping and expanding Rhodey/War Machine’s role in the sequel. Bring on the carnage in 2010...


    • Ray Peterson

      Nov 5th 2008, 12:20

      So which is it? His performance? The cut down role? Why would they cut down the role, lose Howard and then pump it up again for Cheadle? Rather convoluted way to get rid of someone isn't it? Regardless, I hate it when they do that. Makes me come over all OCD.

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