Gravity set to land in autumn 2013

Warner Bros finally settles on a release date

Gravity, the Alfonso Cuarón-directed space drama, is set for worldwide release on 4 October 2013 in 3D and IMAX.

Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, Gravity originally had a planned release for November 2012.

Warner Bros made the decision to push back the project last year in order to give the film more breathing space, rather than go up against Argo, Gangster Squad, The Hobbitand The Great Gatsby (before the latter was pushed to a 10 May 2013 release).

Bullock and Clooney, who both signed
on after a number of high profile dropouts in 2010, play two astronauts stranded in a damaged vessel after their space station is destroyed, and the film focusses on their attempts to return to Earth.

The October release date puts Gravity up against Weinstein/Dimension's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, Relativity's Paranoia and Disney's The Delivery Man.

How excited are you for Gravity? Tell us your thoughts, below!


    • Ali1748

      Jan 16th 2013, 19:34

      Was beginning to wonder what happened to Gravity.

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    • LongDown

      Jan 17th 2013, 1:17

      They postpone by around a year? 2013 is beginning to look pretty crowded for sci-fi movies... Elysium (Matt Damon), Oblivion (Tom Cruise), After Earth (Will Smith), Star Trek: Into Darkness (Cumberbatch), Mad Max: Fury Road, plus some more Super Heroes (Iron Man), monsters (Pacific Rim) and a load of re-releases (Star Wars: Ep 1, Jurrassic Park 3D)...

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