Green Lantern casting down to three?

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake...

Warners is coming down to the wire with its Green Lantern casting – with Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds and surprise third option Justin Timberlake in the running.
While Cooper and Reynolds have been mooted for a while – Cooper’s now got The Hangover’s success to boost his profile, and Reynolds is fresh off of Wolverine and staring down the barrel at a likely Deadpool franchise – the Timberlake rumour is more recent, having washed around the web (based on word from Ain’t It Cool) today.
Now it looks like Martin Campbell and his team are facing a ticking clock, since the trio’s option has expired and they can accept other offers.
Whoever it is will be playing Hal Jordon, top-notch air force pilot selected by a dying member of the intergalactic police squad known as the Green Lanterns.
One other to be resolved, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is the small matter of budget, since the film’s cost keeps nudging up between $150 million and $200 million. So will they pick whoever’s cheapest? Kidding…
We’d go for Cooper, though Timberlake (above, with Andy Samberg) has done some solid work on film.
[Source: THR]
Who would you pick? Or do you have another choice?



    • edwardsnow

      Jul 10th 2009, 12:41

      I can see them going for Bradley Cooper, but I'd really hope for Ryan Reynolds who's so much more likeable. There's a slight air of a date-rapist about Cooper.

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    • Joker

      Jul 10th 2009, 14:11

      lol to the date-rapist haha but i think Bradley Cooper would work well as the green lantern

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    • BennettsVest

      Jul 10th 2009, 15:13

      Ryan Reynolds always seemed like he'd be a better Flash than Green Lantern, and he seems to have been pried away to to Satan Lee's side anyway. Give another Reynolds a chance - Malcolm Reynolds, the mighty Nathan Fillion.

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    • scabo33

      Jul 10th 2009, 18:05

      Yep Ryan Renolds is better :)

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    • ZigAug

      Jul 10th 2009, 20:09

      Oh God, anyone but Renolds. Hal Jordan played by a smarmy ham is a horror to think about.

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