Green Lantern gets $9 million to fix special effects

Superhero flick is just two months away from release

We’re less than two months away from seeing Ryan Reynolds in action as Green Lantern, but only if his suit is ready in time.

Warner Brothers has poneyed-up a last minute extra $9 million to ‘fix’ the visual FX – specifically, the entirely CGI Green Lantern suit.

The VFX shown in the first trailer did little to excite fans and the footage shown at WonderCon, whilst an improvement, showed that there was still work to be done, especially on Reynolds’ facemask. 

The extra dough should give the production team the leeway they need to make sure everything is perfect for the film’s June 17th release date.

Whether this means there has been an ‘end of days’, ‘everything is going wrong’ style panic in the Green Lantern camp, or simply that Warner Bros. have recognised a problem and are going about fixing it is unknown.

Either way, Green Lantern hits cinemas June 17 2011.

Will the Green Lantern ‘fixes’ improve the suit? Will it matter? Let us know below!


    • mcghater

      Apr 26th 2011, 16:49

      at last they have seen the light

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    • Benmorse

      Apr 26th 2011, 17:53

      I'm a Ryan Reynolds fan. I'm a Martin Campbell fan. And I love me a comic book movie. But nothing I have seen of this film looks even remotely good. The trailer hinted at pretentious dire-logue and wooden performances with bad FX. The wondercon footage made it ten times worse. Fixing the suit may go some way, but this whole affair has 2 stars written all over it. Plus, when was the last time a studio chucked 10 million at a tentpole release six weeks before it opens? On a scale of 1-good, this movie is going to be Howard the Duck.

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    • nacho316

      Apr 26th 2011, 18:07


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    • mcghater

      Apr 26th 2011, 19:13

      hey..........dont drag howard the duck into this

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    • nacho316

      Apr 26th 2011, 19:21

      howard the duck = guilty pleasure ;)

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    • porter

      Apr 26th 2011, 19:31

      This looks did Avatar (which was). Awfulness didn't stop it making a buck or two and greenlighting 2 bloody sequels. Cinema-going folk can get over p**s poor SFX (come on, you know I'm right. Blue-frickin'-cat-thingys? My kid could doodle that in her potty and it'd look more realistic) if the story's good enough. Hang on. Scratch that. Avatar's plot sucked my plums too. So...terrible SFX, rotten storyline...Green's the new Blue. Gonna make a fortune! If nothing else, it gives us all something to moan about for the rest of the year....

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    • mingfilm

      Apr 26th 2011, 20:29

      Middle-aged studio fanboys manufacture yet another lame-a*s comic book hero wannabe-franchise? It's like Hollywood has no clue at all.

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    • therealeverton

      Apr 26th 2011, 21:00

      @Porter. Of all the anti-Avatar thoughts I've heard that has to be the most ridiculous. I'm trying to see if your comment reads like it's Tongue in cheek, but I can't see it. Pretty much the staunchest, oil drilling, forest chopping right wing, anti Cameron hater will say they loathe the film but it looks amazing. Good to see they realise they need to fix the FX. I can't believe there are still people who don't get how different FX can look after one week's extra rendering, let alone 2 months. As for throwing $ 10m at a film weeks before release, it isn't that uncommon especially in the 3D conversion age. However the three high profile releases from 2010 that had that kind of money thrown at them last minute do not inspire confidence: Clash of The Titans, The Last Airbender, and HP7 pt1. HP7 had its con ersion scrapped, but not before a pretty penny was spent. Another, from further back, was Daredevil.

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    • matty2392

      Apr 26th 2011, 21:02

      Jesus!! an extra 9million Warner Bros just hand out money, they must have some faith in this film/franchise.

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    • deedeedragons

      Apr 27th 2011, 1:16

      This is NEVER a good sign.

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    • DrMcNugget

      Apr 27th 2011, 2:30

      They could've saved 9 million by not making the costume so overly complicated. What was wrong with the simple, streamlined iconic version Hal's wearing in the comics?

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    • TheEnigma

      Apr 27th 2011, 2:49

      Would u throw money at a black hole 2 nowhere..? They got it wrong straight away, with the casting of Reynolds... ...shame really, because Greens was 1 of my favorite...

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    • BruceShark

      Apr 29th 2011, 2:57

      Throw nine million at a turd. All you have is a pretty looking turd. Played by a s**t.

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    • ASmileSoDevious

      Apr 29th 2011, 23:06

      Didn't they do something similiar to this with Ghost Rider?

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    • ASmileSoDevious

      Apr 30th 2011, 23:17

      @dalidab1982, No dissing was made against Ghost Rider. I was just stating that it kept getting pushed back from its original release date due to improving the visual FX.

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    • writerdave87

      May 2nd 2011, 1:31

      I'll diss Ghost Rider, it was s**t :p But Nick Cage was good casting IMHO and hopefully the sequel will deliver. I'd recommend Thor in 3D, I thought it worked well when I went to see it at my local (admittedly by accident). I still think this is gonna be c**p though, which is a pity.

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