Grown Ups trailer is here

Adam Sandler gathers the gang

The first teaser trailer for Adam Sandler's latest, Grown Ups, is now online for your viewing pleasure.

Gathering all of his mates together - Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James and Rob Schneider, he's decided to get cutting edge with a story that crosses the globe for a searing look at morality, violence and… Okay, not so much.

Grown Ups is more about the amiable story of four friends who grew up together, but haven't seen each other in a while and regroup to attend their old basketball coach's funeral.

Cue the expected wackiness with strange partners (Schneider), cute kids (Rock) and slapstick (James).

If you like Sandler's more middle-of-the-road comedies (and there's no denying his healthy box office), this should fit right in.

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know…


    • timisstupid

      Nov 13th 2009, 12:31

      Looks nothing less than terrible. It's amazing how all five of those 'actors' continue to exceed themselves in how pathetic the films they star in are. Frankly, I thought David Spade and Ro Schneider were dead, along with their careers and after 'Funny People' (along with the rest of his p**s-poor films), I wish Adam Sandler was too.

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    • zakmccormack

      Nov 13th 2009, 20:51

      Doesn't look too good

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