Guillermo del Toro set to take on Pacific Rim

Mountains Of Madness is dead

mountains of madness

Guillermo del Toro just can’t get a break. After years of problems pushing The Hobbit into production, Universal have just shelved his next directing gig, At The Mountains Of Madness.

Del Toro had been prepping the 3D adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella with producer James Cameron. But the film’s $150m budget had Universal cowering, and they pulled the plug last Friday.

Instead, they want del Toro to take on PG monster movie Pacific Rim, which is set in a near future where humanity must band together to face malevolent monsters.

Del Toro has yet to make a decision about helming Rim, but Universal are apparently keen to have that as his next project – perhaps as a cheaper test for if they’ll eventually let him make Mountains Of Madness.

Considering the masses of pre-production the director’s already done for his Lovecraft adap – not to mention that it’s in firm ‘passion project’ terrain for him – we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of Mountains. We can but hope.

Madness? Or make sense? Think Universal are stupid for not giving del Toro the keys to their kingdom? Talk to us below...


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