Guillermo del Toro updates on Justice League Dark

“Monsters! More monsters!"

Fresh from pitting giant robots against giant monsters on Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro is set to get stuck into another creature feature in the form of Justice League Dark.

Bringing together some of DC’s more out-there characters into a single super-team, the adaptation has yet to receive the official green light from Warner Bros and is still in its infancy, although del Toro sounds suitably enthused by the project.

“Monsters! More monsters,” said the director when asked what had drawn him to the idea of a Justice League Dark movie. “When I was following the DC comics in my youth, my favorites were Swamp Thing, [Etrigan the] Demon, Deadman…”

“My earliest love was Constantine,” he continues, “and I love Zatanna, Destiny, the whole mythology. So we’re working on a really rich mythological environment.”

That “we” presumably refers to del Toro and the mystery screenwriter he refuses to name until Warner gives them the official go-ahead. Not a definite at this stage then, but one to keep an eye on…

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Jul 8th 2013, 12:30

      As long as Etrigan is in there I'm happy.

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    • Ali1748

      Jul 8th 2013, 13:48

      Honestly as much as I like this ambitious idea I'd rather GDT just gave us a proper Constantine or Hellboy 3.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 8th 2013, 16:08

      Great news. Hopefully with some spin-off movies from each character afterward, like Marvels phases but in reverse.

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