Guy Pearce wants to be in Batman 3

If Chris Nolan's involved...

Chris Nolan still hasn't decided whether he wants to make Batman 3 but if he does, Guy Pearce wants in.

“I’d love to work with Chris again. There hasn’t been any discussion, we’ll have to wait and see. I have a lot of reluctance [to playing a superhero or villain], but doing it with someone like Chris Nolan would certainly make it appealing,” Pearce told MTV.

Which sounds a bit sniffy to us, but still, the thought of Pearce being involved in a Chris Nolan helmed Batman 3 gets us more excited than a Joker being beaten up by Batman.

Who do you think he should play?


    • Nebraxis

      May 24th 2009, 13:15

      How about Azrael? He could be a Jason Bourne style assassin who breaks free of his conditioning and goes along his own path. He hears a story about Batman and thinks if he can do it, why can't I. Leads to conflict and angst all over.

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