Ha ha! We get to see Tintin before America

It arrives in the UK October/November 2011…

While the gap between film releases in the US and UK is getting shorter – and nonexistent with some day-and-date releases – it’s not often we get a big film first.

But not only will UK cinemagoers get to enjoy Steven Spielberg’s 3D take on Tintin before American audiences, we’ll be watching a good month or so before the film hits their shores on December 23rd.

The film, which started shooting in January (and has already wrapped the physical performance capture portion already), stars Jamie Bell, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Andy Serkis and Toby Jones, among others.

So now all we have to do is wait until late 2011 to see what Spielberg and Peter Jackson (who plans to direct the second in the series if the first is successful) have cooked up.

On your marks, start waiting… now.

[Source: Variety]

Can you wait that long to experience Tintin? Or could you care less? Speak up!


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