Halloween 3D planned for 2010

Yes, try to look surprised

Given that Halloween II did solid - if not first place-winning - business at the US box office this weekend, it should come as no surprise that the Weinstein company is already shoving a knife into a date for a threequel next year.

Yes, while The Final Destination won the box office battle this weekend in the US, Michael Myers will be back in summer 2010 and this time, they're taking some lessons from FD's success and going 3D.

One element that likely won't return is Rob Zombie, who has just committed to work on a new version of the The Blob, so the Weinsteins are apparently in negotiations with a new director, albeit one with some horror experience.

Sounds like they're rushing things to us, but when you've just scored decent box office with a film that got mixed reviews, we suppose you've got to strike while the iron is hot...

[Source: LA Times]

So who do you think they'll pick? And should they make yet another Myers outing? Tell us!



    • Cube1701

      Aug 31st 2009, 12:53

      Am I the only one who is instantly put off a film when they advertise "3D" as the main selling point? I much prefer 2D.

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    • Tartantino

      Sep 2nd 2009, 20:19

      I know what you mean. I'm all for innovations and change in cinema but when the main selling point is the 3D element then it is slightly worrying that it might take priority over the story. Hopefully this isn't the case tho

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