Hammer plans sequel to The Woman In Black

The story continues with The Woman In Black: Angels Of Death

Having seenThe Woman In Blackbecome one of Hammer's most successful horror films in years, it should come as no surprise to learn that the studio have set plans in motion for a sequel.

The film has become the highest grossing British horror film of the last 20 years, which is why Hammer are teaming up with author Susan Hill once more to bring follow-up story The Woman In Black: Angels of Death to the big screen.

The same production team will work on the sequel, with screenwriter Jon Crocker currently adapting Hill's story into a workable screenplay.

The story is set some four decades after the events of the first film, and will focus on a couple who find their way to Eel Marsh House, and uncover the evil that lurks there. Watch out for that rocking chair, folks...

At present, there is no word as to whether original director James Watkins will return to direct, but fans of his brand of knuckle-gnawing terror will be keeping their fingers crossed. In any case, it looks like the horror landscape has a shadowy new icon to add to its hall of fame…

Would you be keen for another round of supernatural scares? Tell us, below.


    • FBSCrosby

      Apr 2nd 2012, 14:36

      I may be wrong but I think a lot of people may of gone to see this because it's Daniel Radcliffe's first 'big thing' after Harry Potter... Would a sequel be as popular without him..? Still, I'd go see it! I'll watch any spooky film! :D

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    • lukeworm100

      Apr 2nd 2012, 22:14

      I loved The Woman In Black but I do not see a sequel on the horizon considering what happened in the end. I am glad the director will be the same because the film had story with the scares unlike Insidious. The film's events were both captivating and interesting but the film relied on one vengeful ghost who in the end should have calmed down a bit after being reunited with her son but I guess killing all the children in the village is not enough.

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    • revan1138

      Apr 3rd 2012, 10:14

      i did enjoy the woman in black.but i thought the ending was terrible it disjointed the whole movie.it was kind of like the ending to poltergeist 2;the other side.still it was very atmospheric and creepy and worth viewing.i would have liked the woman in black to have got daniel radcliffes child in the movie and he survive.

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    • FBJRider

      Apr 3rd 2012, 20:12

      I went to see it because it's Hammer not because of the boy who lived but I can see that being the biggest USP for my generation. I thought it was an amazing stand-alone film and I'm quite worried that a sequel might ruin what made it so original and authentic. Plus the plot doesn't sound great either.

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