Harrison Ford talks Indy 5

"I ain't going to Mars…"

Harrison Ford has revealed the elements that make him want to continue revisiting the Indiana Jones character. And it isn't space travel.
When asked at a recent LA Times event if he'd be up for doing more Indiana Jones movies, Jones said: “Maybe a fifth, but I ain’t going to Mars."
"Next time we get a script for Indiana Jones, I’d be delighted to play the character."
"Each time we meet him, we wanted to advance the audience’s understanding of the character, not just by putting him in adventures, but by learning something about him…"
"That’s what led to the meeting of his father [in The Last Crusade], played by Sean Connery, and his son [in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull], played by Shia, and bringing Marion back.”
He then joked that Spielberg only hires him for Indiana Jones flicks, even though, as an actor, he has a bit of range.
Spielberg's reply? “You know who I offered Jurassic Park to? This guy. Alan Grant, Jurassic Park, right here.”
As much as we love Sam Neill in that role, that's one post-release alteration we could definitely get on board with. 


Do you want more Indy? Or should they leave well alone? Tell us! 


    • Tarantino3011

      Sep 14th 2011, 12:18

      Leave Indy the f**k. allone!!! The kingdom of the chrystal skull f*****g. SUCKED!!!!!

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    • Frankie88

      Sep 14th 2011, 14:13

      Yeah, plus there's new kid on the block - Nathan Drake

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    • FBALee

      Sep 14th 2011, 18:46

      Lucas ruined the fourth installment with the silly alien c**p. I think if it had actually made sense, the inclusion of aliens could have been cool... but he tossed all potential into the crapper with that ridiculous, anti-climatic ending. Made the whole thing pointless, really. I did love the return of Marion, and thought the first third or so was just dandy, but then it devolved into a wad of silliness. Again, I blame the involvement of Lucas. Anyone seen the South Park where the kids are traumatized by the movie, and go to the authorities to report that Lucas and Spielberg raped Indy? And then when they finally get to them in the end, they find the two directors doing naughty things to a poor Storm Trooper? Yeah, South Park is spot on. I love Harrison Ford saying that he would play Indy again, but not go to Mars.. even he knows the alien mumbo jumbo was beyond stupid.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 14th 2011, 20:39

      I'll only be interested if it's just Harrison, Spielberg and Gimli.

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    • Ali1748

      Sep 14th 2011, 20:40

      BTW hurry up with the Blu Ray trilogy already !!!!!

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    • Hadouken76

      Sep 15th 2011, 0:49

      Bring back Lawrence Kasdan, he's the only one who can turn Lucas' cringing direlogue into Shakespeare (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders). No more CGI, repeat...NO MORE CGI! Just because you own a gun, doesnt mean you have to shoot the walls.

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