Hayley Atwell keen on Tomb Raider reboot

Endorses online calls for her to land Lara role

With the rebooted Tomb Raider videogame riding high in the charts, and a new movie also in the pipeline, it was only a matter of time before speculation began over who will become the next big-screen Lara Croft.

Hayley Atwell is one of the names being proposed by online fans, and the actress has confirmed it would be a project she’d be interested in.

“There's also some kind of online campaign for me to do Tomb Raider Reborn, which I know has just come out as a computer game,” says Atwell. “MGM have the rights to make it into a film, which would be fantastic to do because I'd get to spend a year of my life training hard and pick up all sorts of fantastic fun skills.”

Meanwhile, Atwell will be returning for a small role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, although she’s remaining predictably tight-lipped about what exactly that will entail.

“They're so tight, the Marvel family, and private,” says Atwell. "I can say that I am involved in some way in the second one. Just know that it's not me being cryptic, it's Marvel. They can just as easily kill me off if I threaten to tell the story before it's time. They're keeping it all under wraps.”

We’ll be able to see for ourselves when Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits UK cinemas on 4 April 2014.

Would Atwell make a good Lara Croft? Tell us, below!


    • jhonny84

      Apr 22nd 2013, 10:42

      shes english and a brill actor excellent to play has lara croft

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    • SteveMcc

      Apr 22nd 2013, 11:31

      Love Atwell, but if the Studio want to reboot Lara Croft I think they should follow the newest Game and follow the character back to her much younger years I think 31 is too old for an actor to portray that and grow with the character if they want a franchise (feels bad to think 31 is too old for Lara in anyone's eyes) I still think Saoirse Ronan would be the best choice for the part...especially given how fantastic she was in Hanna. But just excited to see if they can do this and an Uncharted movie

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    • DeanBeirne

      Apr 22nd 2013, 15:27

      hell of a better choice than Tulisa, who wants to be Tomb Raider, i could definitely see hayley as lara

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    • Ichi1

      Apr 22nd 2013, 16:03

      I really like the idea of Saoirse Ronan doing the part. Good call. Besides being absolutely one of the greatest young actresses ever, Ronan has proven to be a believable a*s kicker. And this Tomb Raider movie, if it follows the brilliant new game, will be an origin story. Ronan's age is a bonus there. I do like Atwell though, so no hate if she gets the role. The actress who voices Lara in the new game is a Brit actress currently playing a small role on Grey's Anatomy here in the States. Her name is Camilla Luddington. And while she is fantastic voicing Lara, I think the movie role needs someone with a little more awesome. Playing the new Tomb Raider game felt like playing the greatest action movie ever....if they do this right, it can be amazing.

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    • Murphy0806

      Apr 22nd 2013, 17:18

      Lucy Griffiths would be a good shout. Not bad in Trueblood. That's if rebooting it is even a good idea.

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 23rd 2013, 1:15

      God I am so sick and tired of people claiming actors around 30 are too old for roles, especially in todays world where most people look ten years younger than their actual age. Anyways Hayel would be a great choice she's got the looks, acting chops and erm those video game physiques that developers like to give their female characters ;-)

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    • davebe

      Apr 23rd 2013, 6:19

      Hayley's a great choice, and no she isn't too old. However, if we're going younger, how about GOT's Emilia Clarke?

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    • SteveMcc

      Apr 23rd 2013, 11:35

      Ali1748 and davebe, I am not for one second saying that an actress in her 30's shouldn't get the job, just that from a studio's point of view I would think they would want someone to grow a franchise around, and in your 30's with the....let's call it 'physical pressure and dare I say the expectation Lara is....'Hard Bodied' for lack of a better phrase. I think they would think 30 is too old for that if they wanted to get 3 films out of her. Especially if they want to take on the current games story line. I personally think she is a great talent, I just see it going to someone early 20's precisley because I think that the idea of a female Indiana Jones style franchise as such is something a studio would want to milk until the cows come home!

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    • orangutango88

      Apr 23rd 2013, 13:19

      Camilla Luddington is better for the role.

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    • imranbecks

      May 21st 2013, 16:33

      She has the looks and can act well.. And most important of all, she has the assets to play Lara Croft. I'd love to see her as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider!

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    • CTCFirebird

      Jun 2nd 2013, 3:54

      Haley is a good actress, but I'd prefer Gal Gadot to play the role as Lara Croft.

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