Helen Mirren joins comedy Arthur

Updates '80s original with Russell Brand...


Helen Mirren has signed up to star alongside Russell Brand in the remake of Dudley Moore’s 1981 comedy Arthur.

Brand joined the project about a month ago and will play the titular Arthur - a drunken lad about town who has to marry an heiress if he wants to inherit a fortune.

Mirren has enrolled to take the role of Arthur’s nanny in an update that replaces the original film’s advisory valet.

The valet role won actor John Gielgud a best supporting actor Oscar, though we’re not sure Mirren will have quite as much luck with her turn.

Borat and Bruno story writer Peter Baynham is working on the script, while Modern Family director Jason Winer will be the one behind the camera.

Shooting will begin this July in New York City.

Think Brand and Mirren a good pair make?

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    • Pekkala

      Apr 23rd 2010, 14:30

      I did not like the original movie Arthur. But if they made a remake with Helen Mirren doing the role of Sir John Gielgud, you bet I am going to see it. She is great.

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    • SussexUK

      Apr 25th 2010, 0:00

      The original was one of the 80s greatest movies with Dudley Moore on absolutely brilliant form. To remake it is bad enough but to remake it with the talentless totally and utterly useless Brand is a disaster and insult to the original. A sure fire straight to DVD flop guaranteed.. even with Helen Mirren in it. I think $$$$$$$$ must have fogged her vision, well we all have to make a living i guess.

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