Helena Bonham Carter loves The X Factor's Matt Cardle

Exclusive: "Cher looks 70 and she's 16"

It's official: everyone has an opinion on The X Factor.

That goes for Hollywood stars, too, with Helena Bonham Carter spilling the beans on her reality TV favourite exclusively to Total Film.

The Harry Potter star has clearly been spending her Saturday and Sunday evenings in front of the box, telling us: "I love Matt Cardle, I think he's really talented."

"I am really intrigued by Cher but like everyone else I'm concerned… She looks 70 and she's 16. It's too crazy at that age. Cher, we've seen her now and you want her to do something else and Aiden, it's like, lighten up."

"I liked One Direction too, Billy, that's my son's, favourite. He really loves The X Factor."

So, do you reckon Helena is on the money? Could Dannii coach cheeky chappie (and Tom Hardy lookalike) Matt to victory? Or will Cheryl lead another lady to victory?

We'd love to know who Tim Burton's rooting for though. We reckon he'd be a bit of a Wagner man…

Who's your X Factor favourite? Or do you loathe the show with a passion? Share you thoughts below...


    • MadMatt

      Oct 31st 2010, 23:49

      If it's a Tom Hardy lookalike you're after, the younger cop on Dark Blue (the TV show) is spookily similar. They could play twins in something.

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    • willow138

      Nov 6th 2010, 22:20

      LOL at Cher looking 70 oh god that had me in stitches. and yes I agree with Matt being the new winner.

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    • willow138

      Nov 6th 2010, 22:20

      altough i do LOVE aiden

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