Henry Cavill talks British actors storming Hollywood

Exclusive: “All the Brits are hitting their peak at the same time”

Total Film has spoken exclusively to man of the moment, Henry Cavill about why British actors suddenly seem to be taking over Hollywood.

The Man of Steel star says that it's just down to a mix of good timing and the sheer quality of our home-grown talent.

"I think maybe it’s an experience thing", says Cavill. “I’ve done quite a few jobs over an 11-year career and maybe it just so happens that all the Brits are hitting their peak at the same time. No matter what age we are, we just seem to be coming into our stride.

"Maybe there are lots of people out there who haven’t been seen yet. So we’ll have to wait and see!

“It’s great to have as many great actors out there as possible because it doesn’t have to limited to just a few good actors. The more good actors the better. We can bloody well work together and make great movies together.”

When we asked him what’s next on the cards after Man Of Steel, Cavill says he's ruling nothing out. “I want to do everything! Maybe a fantasy type thing or some historical fiction. Maybe a sci-fi...”

Man Of Steel is set to open in cinemas Summer 2013.

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    • Dazza100k

      Aug 8th 2011, 17:53

      I haven't seen one thing this man has done yet, so will reserve judgement. However he comes across as an arogant a*s. I guess Micheal Caine,Terence Stamp, Malcolm McDowell, Alec Guinness, Gary Oldman, Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman among many others peaked too early. Probably the publicity machine but he better be good. Sorry...Great!

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 8th 2011, 20:45

      Arrogant ??? where in those comments did Henry come across like that.

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    • MillerCrosses

      Aug 9th 2011, 16:47

      It's not like he said all British actors that came before are s**t, sounds like you just imagined a quote that doesn't exist.

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