Hobbit rumours abound

Three films? 3D? Nothing's solid yet...

There's a rumour going around that a third Hobbit film - a resurrection of the original bridge between its story and LOTR - might be back on the cards.

MarketSaw is reporting a source that says Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson might once again be planning another film in addition to the two current planned Hobbit movies, with GDT likely making both of the first two and Jackson shooting the third.

What's more - and not shocking since this is the 3D blog - moves are afoot by Jackson to have all three in stereoscopic 3D.

Keep all of this strictly in the rumour category for now, though, folks - Jackson confirmed to totalfilm.com at Comic Con this year that only two scripts are being written right now. Anything's possible, though.

And 3D? Well, it's not really a surprise, though the report has Jackson gung ho about it and del Toro not so sure.

Finally, though, some slightly more solid word, on the tone of the films versus the original tale and the methods for bringing some of the creatures to life.

"Smaug will be a mixture of practical and animation, and going purely on practical, the design rocks.

"I think The Hobbit may be a different beast to the book, at least in terms of going darker. And judging from Smaug and the Gollum tweaks will be something to rival the previous attempts at the very least..."

Frankly, we just want to see the thing right now...

[Source: MarketSaw]

Three Hobbit films? Good news or rumour guff? Weigh in...


    • chesh

      Aug 19th 2009, 8:53

      I thought they'd landed on a better idea with The Hobbit being spread across two fims than the original Hoobit/bridge film. This just seems like a further step back. And must everything be in 3D these days.....?

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    • RustyRoof

      Aug 19th 2009, 19:14

      PLEASE DONT BE IN 3D! it will ruin it.

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    • serge

      Aug 20th 2009, 0:46

      This 3D s**t is starting to seem more and more like a gimmic by the day. The day i have to wear a goofy pair of glasses and act shocked that gollum's hand is coming RIGHT AT ME, just to enjoy the film, is the day cinema is dead to me.

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 20th 2009, 13:59

      No bridge movie please two for The Hobbit is just fine. 3D doesn't interest me in the slightest.

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