Hobbit to break budget record

Jackson doubles his money

Peter Jackson will take charge of the most expensive film ever made when The Hobbit finally starts shooting in February 2011.

MGM and New Line are handing Jackson $500 million, which will buy a lot of second breakfasts.

It's the highest budget in movie history, at almost double the budget for the entire original Lord Of The Rings Trilogy ($281 million), beating the previous record holder - Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End - by $200 million.

But it does have to cover two films so, Pete, don't blow it all on genetically engineering a real dragon to play Smaug, okay?

What do you think he should spend the cash on? More fish for Gollum? Tell us below!



    • WiteWulf

      Oct 26th 2010, 16:25

      Knock out both Hobbit flicks for $100mil each then spend the balance on a super-duper extended cut of King Kong, Spielberg stylee!

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    • Juliette

      Oct 26th 2010, 16:31

      Do both Hobbit films for £100-£150 million each, and spend the rest on AIDS medication, food aid, irrigation in the Saharan area, Doctors without Borders, Haiti/Chile earthquake relief, the homeless anywhere, MS research and care... you get my drift. I love the movies and I love LOTR but surely two films can't and shouldn't cost this much? Although it will create employment - but spend it on people, not on fancy props!

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    • MadMatt

      Oct 26th 2010, 17:01

      I'm guessing it's the 3D cinematography that's pushing the budget up. Takes more time to shoot in 3D, and more time means more money. And it's two films, not one, right? So there have been other movies that cost £250million before... Still, it is a massive leap from the budgets for the LOTR films all the same.

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    • DanielMcA

      Oct 26th 2010, 22:04

      Perhaps he could find a couple of grand to honour standard industry terms and conditions that most other western actors take for granted. Actors shouldn't have to depend on the "generosity" of spirit of film houses - this isn't a f*****g charity. LOTR took over two billion pounds at the box alone.

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    • blackrainpr

      Oct 27th 2010, 0:35

      isn't Avatar(james cameron) the most expensive film of all time???

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