How Do You Know trailer lands

New romantic comedy from James L. Brooks

How Do You Know trailer

How Do You Know, the new romantic comedy by As Good as it Gets director James L. Brooks, has premiered it's first trailer.

The film boasts an impressive cast in Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson, and also reteams Brooks with As Good As It Gets Oscar-winner Jack Nicholson.

The plot revolves around the love triangle between a major league basball player (Wilson), a professional softball player (Witherspoon) and a corporate executive (Rudd).

Check out the trailer below...

Given the plethora of disappointing and soulless rom-coms kicking about these days, hopefully Brooks can improve on his last offering, 2004's Spanglish.

How Do You Know opens on December 17th.

Ready for another Owen Wilson rom-com? Let us know below....


    • malorla

      Aug 13th 2010, 18:11

      Wilson, Schmilson. Paul Rudd, Reese'n Jacklook like fun though.

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    • malorla

      Aug 13th 2010, 18:12

      I'd be dangerous, if I could type. Dangerous!

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