Howard Stern's Super 8 screener pirated online

Bootleg download bears the shock jock's name

A bootlegged copy of the J.J. Abrams film Super 8 that has shown up on illegal download sites was copied from a disc created for radio shock jock Howard Stern. 
The pirated copy of the film was stamped in the right-hand corner with a watermark that says "H Stern" but the Sirius XM DJ says he and his co-workers have already been cleared of any wrongdoing. 
Paramount Pictures contacted show producer Gary Dell'Abate weeks ago but Stern says the disc must have been copied before it reached him.  
“I watch it at home. It doesn’t leave my hands," Stern said this morning on his radio show. 
“Nobody gets it. Nobody can see. I bring it right back...I don't pass it around to anyone. Ever...It had nothing to do with me.”
“Howard is talking about the Super 8 screener controversy. He's embarrassed that this makes him look bad,” his show's official Twitter feed added earlier today.

Is piracy killing the film industry or helping to create a wider audience for consumers who will go on to spend money on entertainment products? Serious discussion begins below. 


    • badger86

      Aug 8th 2011, 23:40

      I myself enjoy the cinema experience, the electricity in the room when a couple of hundred people simultaneously hold their breath in anticipation of that perfect on-screen moment, that's what keeps me buying those tickets. However considering blu-ray quality rips are available for free online and can be watched through home cinema set ups i understand peoples willingness to to turn to downloads in the face of rising ticket costs. I have myself on occasion, but usually only for films which may be out of print or difficult to find on dvd, i would prefer to download a film than to not see it. I did read somewhere that on average people who frequently download films illegally do tend to spend more on DVDs and the like per year than people who don't dl. I think i can believe that. Still it is a illegal, and it's effect is mainly felt by small independent film makers and that's a shame. I really don't care if a million people watch transformers illegally, it will still make the studio insane amounts of cash due to all the marketing tie ins. Its the indie stuff that needs every penny. The industry was to slow to react and our legal system isn't designed to cope with copyright infringement on such a massive scale so eventually something has to give but the technology is available now and its not going away. I think im done now....yep, definitely done.Brain spilling over.

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    • ilikescifi

      Aug 9th 2011, 4:18

      i still go to the cinema once or twice a week, i only download the stuff i would never pay for. some of my friends only go to the movies once a year, they wouldn't be spending the money anyway, at least now they can download some culture in their otherwise boring lives. aren't blockbuster movies making more than ever these days?

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