Hugh Jackman is The Tourist

And Ewan McGregor’s along for the ride

It was announced back at Cannes that Hugh Jackman had signed up to The Tourist for director Marcel Langenegger.

And now there’s a little more detail about the movie, including the fact that Ewan McGregor has also agreed to play a role.

Written by Mark Bomback (Constantine), Patrick Marber (Closer) and Jason Keller, The Tourist has distinctly Fight Club overtones as Jonathan (McGregor), an accountant who has become disconnected from life, finds a friend in the charming lawyer Wyatt (Jackson). His new best mate introduces him to The List, a mysterious and enticing sex club. There, he meets the woman of his dreams… Only for her to vanish, leaving the shell-shocked bean counter the prime suspect in her disappearance (and possible murder) and in the frame for a $20 million theft. Whoops…

This will be the superbly named Langenegger’s first film, and he’ll start shooting in October in New York.

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