Hugh Jackman off to Ghostopolis

Ghostbusters meets MIB?

With Wolverine going great guns at the cinema, Hugh Jackman has signed on for another comic-based pic with Ghostopolis.

Based on Doug TenNapel’s graphic novel (which has yet to hit shelves), the film will see an agent for the government’s Supernatural Immigration Task Force, responsible for packing escaped spirits home from the land of the living to the netherworld.

A living boy is accidentally sent to the other side, and Jackman’s character must team with a former girlfriend – who now happens to be a ghost- to retrieve him.

There’s no writer or director attached yet but Disney – which has set the movie up – will be hunting around for both shortly.

As for TenNapel, he's become something of a Hollywood idea factory, with several of his other books - including Monster Zoo and Creature Tech - all set up at various studios.

[Source THR]

Is this the right move for Jackman? Or does it sound like a dodgy blend of Ghostbusters and MIB?


    • ashley.russell

      May 4th 2009, 13:43

      it sounds more like a dodgy blend of rubbish and poo. Seems more like something Matthew Mcconaughey might do.

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    • asfm1

      May 4th 2009, 18:47

      I've never read a TenNapel graphic novel, but Earthworm Jim (game and cartoon series) are filled with fantastic, offbeat humour that I laughed at as a child and still laugh at today. I probably enjoy it even more as an adult, actually. If his GNs are filled with that kind of quirky humour, and assuming that isn't lost in translation to film, this could be really great. Don't care about Hugh Jackman.

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