Hugh Jackman offers The Wolverine update

“We need to find another director”


You’ve got to feel for Hugh Jackman. Mere months away from him re-pairing with director Darren Aronofsky for the awesome-sounding The Wolverine, his filmmaking buddy ditched the project.

Still, Jackman’s got his chin up and is talking about the next move for the comic adap – which clearly begins with finding a replacement captain.

“We need to find another director and once we’ve found that, we’ll be able to know,” he tells Coming Soon of the film’s status.

What with the sequel taking place almost entirely in Japan, the film also needs to find a way to shoot in a Japan-like environment – which could prove tricky after the multiple disasters over there.

“It’s too early to call on Japan," Jackman says. "I’m not sure where they’re at, so now we’re finding another director, but Fox is very anxious to make the movie and we’re moving ahead full steam to find another director.”

It's good to know, at least, that Jackman's still enthusiastic about the project - even if he has been left in the lurch.

Still interested in The Wolverine, or no longer care now that Aronofsky's gone? Speak up below...


    • ChrisWootton

      Mar 30th 2011, 9:19

      “We need to find another director” ...... No s**t!

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    • DirectorTypeGuy

      Mar 30th 2011, 10:49

      Still gutted Aronofsky had no time for this. Shame.

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    • Hadouken76

      Mar 30th 2011, 12:33

      Yeah, or even Richard Donner

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 30th 2011, 17:33

      Duncan Jones !!!!!

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    • garysimps

      Mar 30th 2011, 18:26

      Bit left field but what about Marc Foster?

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    • garysimps

      Mar 30th 2011, 18:27

      Paul Verhoevan!!!!!!!! I'm submitting that request today; get the studio on the phone.

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    • filbert77

      Mar 30th 2011, 22:00

      They're really trying to claw back this franchise aren't they? ... Too easy.

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    • Ali1748

      Mar 31st 2011, 3:16

      Duncan Jones !

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    • TheEnigma

      Mar 31st 2011, 4:29

      Paul Verhoevan would be nice..

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