Hugh Jackman talks The Wolverine script

Aronofsky: “This is the best one I've ever read”

If, like us, you got all excited at the idea of Darren Aronofsky directing a Wolverine movie, don't be too downhearted yet that he pulled out. 
If what Hugh Jackman says is true, the majority of the script that excited him remains. 
"We had a script that was under Darren Aronofsky's directorial - it's 85 per cent the same. Darren took it in a Darren Aronofsky way and it's a version I know fans would have liked to have seen - I would have loved to have seen it,” Jackman told Collider. 
Even though James Mangold (Walk The Line, Knight & Day) is now helming and Mark Bomback (Live Free Or Die Hard, Unstoppable) has been tinkering with those words, Jackman still feels it's a strong movie. 
“This is the best script we have had, which is precisely why Darren signed on. I tried to get Darren to do X3 and Wolverine and he was always like, 'It's not really for me.' I knew he was looking for a comic-book movie and he read this one and he goes, 'Hey, this is the best one I've ever read.' So there is a lot of meat on the bone there. Now, Mark and Jim have taken it and I think that it is as strong, if not stronger, than what we would have had with Darren."

Suddenly got a good feeling about this one? Or are you already sharpening your adamantium claws ready to savage it? Tell us below!


    • FBALee

      Oct 3rd 2011, 0:45

      They absolutely raped the first installment, so it can only get better... right? Maybe they actually have people involved in the writing who know something about the X-men universe this time.

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    • writerdave87

      Oct 3rd 2011, 1:02

      This isn't part of the naff 'Origins' series this is a standalone IIRC. If it's the Aronofsky script you can still colour me cautiously optimistic...

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    • garyu2

      Oct 3rd 2011, 8:38

      "Best script I've ever read" Hmmm, a Wolverine sequel is the best script you've ever read? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised everyone thinks their movie is The Greatest of All Time when they are just about to make it. I'm sure someone, somewhere said the same c**p about Wolverine 1.

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    • fipthetop

      Oct 3rd 2011, 9:42

      Hmmmmm - Hugh Jackman is the producer and the lead actor is he not, and as the producer and lead actor isn't it his job to talk up the movie? After the pile of sh!t that was the first one, which could have been awesome - I am still very, very cautios about this one!!!

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    • SiMan

      Oct 3rd 2011, 19:51

      after the toned down outing for wolverine last time, can they deliver a truly worthy movie? I suspect not. Unless the story is absolutley mind-blowing (which i can't see being the case) i'm not sure how Jackman can deliver on a version of this character that practically has had his claws trimmed. A non-violent wolverine is like a non-fat milkshake - utterly pointless. Also, wasn't what happened at the end of The Last Stand between Wolves and Jean Grey supposed to happen to him in Japan with another woman as well?? Are they gonna change that from the story now that they've already used that idea?

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      Oct 3rd 2011, 21:32

      Clint Eastwood should have played Wolverine

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    • FBALee

      Oct 4th 2011, 18:23

      I want a Wild Thing movie. Come on, she's bad a*s.

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    • hepcat68

      Oct 4th 2011, 20:39

      I must be the only one that liked the first movie. He is just cool! OK, the violence was toned down but what are you expecting, Sam Raimi's evil Dead style!!? This after all is comic book movie fodder, essentially for kids!

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