Hugh Jackman to make Orders To Kill with Lee Daniels

Teaming up with the Precious director

After years attempting to work together on social unrest drama Selma, Hugh Jackman and Precious director Lee Daniels will finally be collaborating on Orders To Kill.

The film will follow William Pepper (played by Jackman), a controversial lawyer who argues that James Earl Ray wasn’t responsible for shooting Martin Luther King, Jr.

According to the LA Times, Daniels’ film will be an unconventional examination of the case that tracks Pepper’s one-man campaign – no surprise when the script’s based on Pepper’s own book.

Daniels’ first film, Preciouswas a smash hit that earned its young lead - Gabourey Sidibe - an Oscar nomination. However his second film, The Paperboy, was ridiculed somewhat at Cannes this year.

Hopefully Orders To Kill will get the director back on track after all the promise how showed with Precious.

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