Hunger Games: Catching Fire Victory Tour posters revealed

Katniss and Peeta visit the Districts

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has revealed a neat little bit of tie-in marketing by unveiling a pair of Victory Tour posters (via Facebook and Hitfix).

Rather than directly promoting the film, Lionsgate have opted to share an in-film promo of the celebratory circuit that Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) will be making through the Districts of Panem.

As the pair were victorious at the 74th annual Hunger Games, part of their responsibility as winners involves the Victory Tour, which takes in all of the 12 Districts, as a reminder of the importance of the yearly battle-to-the-death ritual.

Having upstaged President Snow with their joint win of the Games, Katniss and Peeta have to watch their backs on tour, which explains the stony resilience on their photogenic faces.

Check out the posters in full below:

Building excitement for the film without revealing too many secrets is a welcome move; let’s hope Catching Fire doles out some more viral material over the coming months.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens in the UK on 22 November 2013.

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    • shenderson77

      Feb 26th 2013, 1:54

      This was the perfect way to promote this movie, I love that it looks like something that the Capital would actually create. I can’t wait to see this come to life, and during the wait, I have been watching The Hunger Games and other films, with Blockbuster @Home from DISH. With how busy my work schedule is at DISH, I love that I can so quickly update my queue with movies. It also helps that if I forget to send back something I watched, I have the option of in store exchanges. Watching movies has helped me deal with the wait to see Catching Fire, and from the looks of this poster, I won’t be disappointed.

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