Idris Elba talks Thor 2

Discusses his hopes for Heimdall

Thor 2 will be retaining the services of Asgardian doorman Heimdall, after Idris Elba confirmed he is all set to return for the next round of Marvel movies.

"Yes, I am," said Elba, when asked by Collider whether he's appearing in Thor 2. "I'm definitely going to do my man in a suit film." That said, Elba is hopeful that he'll have a little more to do this time round than simply standing atop the Bifrost.

"I’d just like to get to know him a bit more," says Elba. "Who is Heimdall? He guards the gate. Okay. Is there anything else? I don’t know what is in the script because I haven’t read it yet.

"The audience has responded to Asgard," he continues, "and wants to know more about who lives there and what it’s about. I’m sure, if they do that, Heimdall will be featured more."

It's shaping up to be a big year for Elba already, with a starring role in Prometheus soon to be followed by filming on Long Walk To Freedom, where he will be playing Nelson Mandela.

"My schedule is so packed this year, to the point where I really don’t have an address anymore," confirms the star. "I’m going to be living on film sets for the next year. My schedule is really packed, but I’m going to do Thor after I play Mandela."

Thor 2 opens in the US on 15 November 2013, with a UK release date to be confirmed.

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    • SiMan

      May 15th 2012, 12:46

      I just hope they change the look of Asgard and the Asgardians - still too 'sci-fi' for me. They should have made it more mythological and Nordic, like the look in the recent run of Thor comics by J. Michael Straczynski

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    • Ali1748

      May 15th 2012, 14:56

      I hope they keep Asgard exactly the way it looked in Thor because it was beautiful. I also hope 99% of the movie takes place in Asgard or the other realms.

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    • MxMagpie

      May 15th 2012, 16:44

      Asgard is amazing. In fact that was one of the most visually incredible film I've seen in ages. I think it did well to mix things up a bit and considering it's in space it is technically sci-fi anyway. Looking forward to this so much. I wonder if it'll be set directly after the Avengers, whether or not we'll get to see what happens to Loki.

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    • Ali1748

      May 16th 2012, 19:31

      Well.................SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thor took Loki back to Asgard as his prisoner so I am pretty sure he'll feature.

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    • drbond1978

      Jun 21st 2012, 14:47


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    • drbond1978

      Jun 21st 2012, 14:48


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